Cold appetizers and salads

Baltic SUSHI – lightly salted herring fillet on mini potatoes with egg and whipped sour cream
6,70 €

Argentinian shrimps and mango salad with lemon juice cured fennel, fresh cucumber and mint remoulade
22,00 €

Thai salad with beef fillet, vegetables and Nam Pla-lime sauce
14,00 €

Oysters with lemon wedges and grape vinegar & shallot sauce
4,50 €

Red and white – beef fillet and in-house salted lard carpaccio with Dijon mustard, chili pepper, coffee oil and fine rye bread crisps
11,00 €

Cobia fillet carpaccio with Jalapeno and ginger oil, salad leaves and olives
12,00 €

Thin slices of in-house smoked duck breast with citrus fillets and cherry vinaigrette sauce
14,50 €

Greenland shrimps and avocado with grilled bell pepper-lime dressing and boiled quail egg
13,50 € / 7,50 €

Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast
7,00 €

Caesar salad with grilled tiger prawns
13,00 €


Salmon tartar
11,00 €

Vegetarian avocado tartar
11,00 €

Beef tartar
21,50 €

All tartars are served with classic accompaniments: quail egg, shallots, capers and toasted bread

Hot appetizers

Pan seared Foie gras with caramelized walnuts and honey-bread toast
19,50 €

Seared small perch fillets with apple-celery mousse and trout caviar
16,00 €

Hot calamaretti – lightly grilled baby squids in a spicy lemongrass-chilli marinade
12,50 €

Mushroom and spinach Quiche Lorraine with free range egg in crispy Filo
10,50 €

Grilled King scallops with sun-dried tomato and spinach confit and lemon foam
13,50 €

Scampi tails cooked in estragon oil (300 g)
36,00 €

Lamb or veal dumplings served in mushroom herb broth with sour cream
10,00 €

Seared tuna fillet with wok-vegetables and galangal sauce
22,00 €

A la fourchette

100% beef burger with French fries, tomato, cheese and onion
11,50 €

Bran bread Croque Monsieur hot sandwich with boiled ham and melted cheese
8,50 €


Lamb Harcho with fresh coriander, chili and rice
8,00 €

Bouillabaisse à la 36. Line with various fish, seafood, lemongrass and tomatoes
15,00 € / 9,00 €

Soup of the day
3,80 €


Tagliatelle with selected fish and seafood
18,00 €

Tagliatelle with salmon fillet
11,50 €

Tagliatelle with ham and egg
11,50 €

Tagliatelle with vegetables, basil and goat cheese
11,50 €

Main courses

Wagyu beef ham steak in wasabi-yuzu glaze with grilled asparagus and spinach
46,00 €

Chilean seabass – Seabass fillet with honey glaze served with vegetables and mashed potatoes
32,50 €

Black cod – sake miso-marinated sablefish fillet with steamed vegetables of the day and white wine foam
29,50 €

Mussels, steamed in creamy white wine sauce, served with toasted garlic baguette
14,00 € / 7,00 €

Chargrilled dishes without sides

Yogurt marinated chicken breast
9,50 €

Duck breast in a ginger honey marinade
14,00 €

Beef Sirloin steak
28,50 €

Spatchcock chicken in red pepper and lemon marinade (without vinegar)
13,50 €

Grilled saddle of Icelandic lamb
26,00 €

Veal chop with bone
24,00 €

Beef fillet Charolaise
28,50 €

Piglet shank in mustard-honey marinade
15,50 €

Salmon fillet
12,50 €

14,50 €

Turbot fillet
27,00 €

King tiger prawns
22,50 €

Fish of the day with garnish
14,50-30,00 €

Sides: Sautéed new potatoes, steamed rice, root vegetables, grilled vegetables, steamed vegetables, French fries, mashed potatoes
3 €

For vegetarians

Broccoli and walnut salad with quinoa and lemon-thyme oil
7,50 €

Oven baked beetroot and barley croup salad with dried cranberries, pine nuts and raspberry vinaigrette sauce
7,50 €

Savoy cabbage rolls with chickpea filling in coconut curry sauce
11,00 €

Grilled pumpkin with orange and fennel seed glaze, steamed spinach and pine nuts
11,50 €

Pearl barley risotto with mushrooms and grated smoked cheese
9,50 €

Chargrilled eggplant with tahini and lemon juice crust, fresh coriander and grilled tomatoes
12,00 €

Vegetable and lentil pilaf with raisins and Middle Eastern spices
11,00 €

Red wine steamed pear with chicory, cooked in honey, dates and goat cheese
8,50 €


Marcipan and wild berry bisquit with orange and white chocolate mousse
8,00 €

Classic Crème brûlée with caramel and berries
6,50 €

Light plum marshmallow with meringue, whipped vanilla cream, plum sorbet and berries
7,50 €

Mango and raspberry raw cake with dates,dried cranberries, nuts and agave syrup
7,50 €

Rice pudding with roasted almonds in cherry sauce
7,00 €

Riga Black Balsam and blackcurrant tiramisu with fresh berries
7,00 €

Layered Napoleon
8,00 €

Whipped seasonal fruit or berry and dark rye bread semolina mousse with vanilla mil
7,50 €

Fresh Thai mango with berries
10,00 €

Berry souffle with crème anglaise
9,00 €

Berry and pistachio gratin with sabayon and vanilla-milk ice-cream
8,50 €

Dessert of the day
8,00 €

For children and youngsters

Chicken broth with noodles and vegetables
3,50 €

Chicken breast patties with mashed potatoes
6,50 €

Сrispy strips of chicken breast with deep-fried potato smiles and ketchup
4,00 €

Hot ham and cheese sandwich
2,50 €

Tomato and cucumber salad with sour cream
1,50 €

Crêpes with sour cream or jam
3,50 €

French fries with sour cream or ketchup
3,00 €

Small ice cream with chocolate
3,00 €